(also "fan art")
Art of any form, usually electronic or drawn free hand, that uses characters or settings from a popular television show, novel, cartoon, anime, or movie as the subject. See also wordslashword
by V August 28, 2003
unofficial, fan drawn artwork based on a videogame or other work of fiction
That is some of the goofiest fanart i've ever seen.
by The Return of Light Joker September 21, 2011
fanart is drawing something your a fan of or a drawing of something what a fan drew, they can be often nsfw content
i made a fanart of sonic
by Masterlunar July 30, 2018
Sometimes "fan-art" but either way they have one and the same meaning, any art expressed through the means of digital creation, usually made with screencaptures from television shows (Buffy, whatever) or anything popular, if you're going to make some fanart (or fan-art) then Photoshop is the way to go, for Paint Shop Pro limits most of the user's creativity with the oh-not-so amazing tools. Which Jasc claimed to be new and greatly improved.
by Believe in Me April 9, 2004
Drawings, digital art, or other tributes made towards a show, band, or person.
Person 1: I got really bored last night so I made some fanart for Twenty One Pilots
Person 2: That is literally the best thing I have ever seen.
by Pawleene Pinkieshy December 14, 2015
A serious connoisseur of digital NFTurd (Non Fungible Turd) artwork is said to be a FanART collector or often abbreviated as "FART Collector" in the NFTz community.
I wonder if Elon Musk is secretly a FanART collector, since I've noticed several crappy NFTs in his collection.
by CryptoTurdZ January 1, 2022
Literally makes Jeff look so hot, even if he already is.
a girl: "Have you seen the new Jeff The Killer Fanart by ____?"
another girl: "YES OMG ITS SO HOT"
by daddygenesee February 6, 2022