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A term used by English people to insult a Scottishman.
I'm not going to that pub up in Glasgow, it's full of jocks!

by Craig June 15, 2004

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1. Grand Theft Auto, the crime of thieving a vehicle.

2. Grand Theft Auto. An extrememly popular and controversial video game series in which you take on the role of a character (character differs through-out the different games) and act out crimes whilst completing missions. The latest installment in the series, GTA San Andreas, is probably the best by far to most with many more things to do such as get girlfriends, burgle houses and a load of over crazy stuff. Also a great game if you like massacring people.
1. James was sent to jail for GTA.

2. Have you played GTA San Andreas.?

No, my mum says it depicts to much
violence and scenes of a sexual

by Craig December 31, 2004

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One of the funniest movie makers on the net. Some hate him because of his fame for work that normally he has no effort making but it's very good stuff. His claymations are hilarious and so are his movie dubs, yes NewGrounds, the website he submits most of his work to is a Flash site but if you got something good and can import it into Flash, why not show it? Sometimes dubbed by hardcore fans 'King of The Portal' because of his fame on NG. You can tell how amazing he is because he made over $5000 with a DVD he sold with some of his claymations on. At the moment he is producing a full feature movies named 'KlayWorld: Off the Table' he is also going to be making another full feature movies with real looking people in instead of his famous Blue Klaymen. Also a PC game by an independent games company, Mocos is in early development. I think it's safe to say that Knox could well be the next Nick Park.
'Did you see that Knox movie, Sniper Time?'

'Yeah that one was so funny.'

'"It's pretty good! Good salad!

'Yeah, that's hilarious'
by Craig April 21, 2005

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Someone who has lost the plot and has no idea what time of day it is. Often talks incessantly about nothing in particular, regardless of whether you are listening to them or not. Also bonkers and hatstand.
You know Nichola King? She's totally cuckoo
by Craig May 10, 2004

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To equip ones self with one or more firearms.

See: heated

Also see: Balla Too understand the definition.

'Yo, man, you're gonna need to go get strapped up before we take out those Balla Shit!'
by Craig January 01, 2005

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One of the Grove Street Families in GTA: San Andreas. Quite a funny character but as the game progresses you discover that him and another fellow GSF gangster, Ryder are selling and shipping drugs with the enemy gang.
I can't believe that BS would sell out on his homies.
by Craig April 20, 2005

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Like A Mother Fucker. Used by Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers. LAMF is a gang territory reference, a "keep off out turf" warning.
Like A Mother Fucker
by Craig October 21, 2004

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