61 definitions by cory

1)Principal I'd Like to Fuck
2)a principal you would see and say "get a leg up"
The only reason I go to school is to see PILF
by cory November 16, 2003
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tha act of keepin yo pimpin strong
yo u pimpstrong dong cuz i am i got hoes runnin all ova town
by cory November 20, 2004
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When a person likes/has a crush on many people but nobody like them back they are mrec
He is so mrec, he likes 5 girls but nobody likes him
by cory November 07, 2004
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The intense moment of pleasure one gets from a vehicle, whether seeing, drivvng, or hearing it.
I had a cargasm when I hit third and wasted that jap piece of shit honda
by cory March 21, 2005
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