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OMG!! Vindle can't dwell the streets without his leash.
by cory January 29, 2005
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An truly orgasmic experience (somewhat akin to herbal essences, joygasm, eargasm, heartgasm etc etc) given by the mere sight, sound, smell or touch of Cory
I am Cory, you've just had your first official Corgasm. Multiple Corgasms anyone?
by cory March 21, 2005
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what happens when you get drunk as hell. Either can happen before you pass out or even when you wake up after passing out. Just depends on some people.
"Damn dude I was so fucked up I was seeing double last night."
by cory June 14, 2004
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tha act of keepin yo pimpin strong
yo u pimpstrong dong cuz i am i got hoes runnin all ova town
by cory November 21, 2004
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Either John F kennedy or John F Kerry. Both very smart and good people.
1. JFK was a great president, it's a pitty he was killed.

2. I really hope JFK wins the 2004 election.
by cory October 26, 2004
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can be defined as the actual term.. a kitchen counter. Or you could use it as a sexual remark. Like having kinky sex on the kitchen counter
we kitchen countered it and didnt finish supper
by cory December 5, 2004
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sickest raper in D.C.
2. one who reps S.T.R
yo that kid Sinistar is sickest in the rap game
by cory June 20, 2003
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