1. A person who tends to steal females away from lesser males
2. To make women feel loved and then just skeet on them and bounce .
3. A Student at De Anza
Lesser Male (you)- "oh MY GOD, I got fonzo'd
by Anonymous April 8, 2004
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A gay boy, they like to hang with other black boys. The black kids the hang out with can be fat, handsome with glasses and a fruity one with scars on his face.
Hey did you see fonzo with that boy?
by Noel is best boy June 30, 2019
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A term for a person with a high ego, thinks he's better than the rest, when in reality, he's "dense"
-"Matt is always so full of himself, its annoying."
-I know, right? What a fonzo.
by Tomzel2006 July 3, 2022
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