A act of making a series of bad decisions or poor life choices in row similar to that of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
Man, I was totally Fording last night .. I don't remember what happened but then I checked my phone.
by 976tec9 March 21, 2017
To be an alcoholic. or to just get drunk or be drunk.
Lets get Forded tonight.
by LilTunechi90 April 14, 2011
A 26 ounce bottle of hard alcohol, especially vodka.
Dude, last night I drank a ford of gin and I made out with my second cousin. Fuck.
by lokimonoxide December 15, 2015
1. To intentionally kiss a woman’s breast. More precisely when it is done in a picture.
Did you see her gotting totaly forded at the party last night

He was definitly fording her last night
by The whole IB class of 2013 February 23, 2011
The Ford Motor Company is currently the second largest carmaker on Earth. "FoMoCo" (one of its nicknames) includes the Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin brands, which cover massive parts of the car market in the US and abroad. It is widely believed that Ford's American brands, namely Ford, Mercury and Lincoln, are suffering due to the added responsibilities of the new additions to the Ford family, as well as controversies harming important models, like the older version of the Ford Explorer SUV and Ford Focus compact. Ford is criticized especially for its handling of the historical and ailing Lincoln brand, which is no longer a top-tier luxury brand while its rival Cadillac is supported more heavily by General Motors, along with the increasingly irrelevant Mercury brand, which sells the most obvious twins of Ford models besides Lincoln.
Ford completed the expulsion of the Lincoln brand from its Premier Automotive Group.
by DP September 6, 2003
1. A company that produces motor vehicles
2. A brand of motor vehicle

Ford was the first company to pioneer mass production, and thus lower prices enough for the middle-class to afford them. In this way the company became a symbol of americanism and effectivity, and a common target of antiamericans and anticapitalists.

I am working for Ford.

I am driving a Ford.
by Ivan Lilley May 15, 2003
Fords are amazing people! They enjoy playing video games and spending time with their sister. Fords never care about themselves and always put everyone, mostly their family and friends, first. They often don't care about themselves enough and get themselves into hot water or sticky situations that they can't get out of. Fords may not have many friends, but the few friends they do have are the best friends that they could wish for. Fords usually have trust issues but the people they're close with (friends and family) they trust with all their heart. Fords have short, light blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He will always be very handsome. A Ford is the best friend you could ask for! why aren't you friends with a Ford?!
Layla: Who's that handsome boy?

Max: Oh! That's only Ford!
by FordIsCute August 2, 2021