A crappy review site that gives Call of Duty games and Madden games near perfect scores just because they are bribed to do so.
Nintendo: I make a new Pokemon game everyone loves it!
IGN: Nope 7.8/10 Too much water
by Aurastrike March 19, 2015
<< Not an endorsement or advertisement. >> IGN is one of the more popular mainstream online sources for the latest news on video games. IGN has recently expanded to include film information, including movie reviews, as well. Is very unpopular with the more niche gamer for their overt catering to mainstream tastes and interests. IGN is largely characterized by its poorly written reviews and haphazard game ratings. Known for giving inflated review scores to very popular or hyped games in order to drive sales for their advertisers and corporate sponsers.
(1) You can't spell ignorant without IGN.
by BSen August 1, 2005
"If you need to contact me,my IGN is ..."
by Finciful Unicorn September 10, 2007
A video game review site, characterized by biased, poorly written reviews. Worships any new Call of Duty game that comes out, and gives games they don't like (RTS games, adventure games without guns and shooting, any game exclusively for PC or PS3) bad ratings just as an attempt to please their dark overlords, Microsoft, EA, and Activision.

Plus, it is owned by News Corporation (Does FOX News and Rupert Murdoch ring a bell?)
IGN is to the video game industry what the RIAA is to the music industry.
by Colder October 24, 2011
"Internet Gaming Network". A vast site built for "reviewing" video games that is actually used as an Xbox worship shrine.

Anything that isn't on Xbox gets rated lower.
Anything on Xbox that is an FPS that isn't Call of Duty or Halo gets rated lower.
Anything relatively fun gets rated lower.

But if it's Call of Duty on Xbox, it gets rated near perfect scores. And IGN vowed to "never give out perfect scores. No game is perfect." Fucking assholes.

Most of the "reviews" are bias as Hell, and the games always get rated depending on what console it's on and how much the company that owns the game they're "reviewing" bribes them.

A perfect example for IGN's shitty-ness are their "reviews" for the new Madden NFL games. All of them are rated high-as-fuck even though Madden games are the same bullshit every year, just with different character designs.

IGN has never, and will never, write a good review that isn't about a game made by their gods EA, Activision, and Microsoft.

Did I mention they were also owned by a news broadcast? Something like FOX News? That would make a lot a sense.
You can't spell "ignorant" without IGN, kids!
by Mister Cookie November 7, 2012
A bunch of COD loving PS3 hating fucks, the scum of video games. Anything not COD gets points taken off in their bullshit reviews.
Typical interview for game reviewer at IGN

Person: I'd like to be a reviewer for video games!

IGN employee: Do you love Xbox 360 and hate the PS3?

Person: YES!

IGN employee: Do you love Call of duty and think all other FPS's suck ass!

Person: YES!

IGN employee: You're hired!
by freddy1998 May 22, 2011
" So yesterday I watched a video of IGN they do not know how to rate games"
by /r/Skrillex December 31, 2016