A character in a movie or play that is meant to literally just exist. These people live normal boring lives that no one cares about and thus they exist just for development and enhancement of a scene setting. These characters could include the entire animated armies that all look exactly the same and named Joe, the elderly couple at the back table chatting over a cup of coffee, or simply a random derp blurry in the background staring off into nothing while we get to see a close up of Johnny Depp's lovely face. These people are actually the true wizards because they magically appear and reappear out of nowhere, are able to switch jobs in two frames, duplicate, and can change outfits in a matter of seconds.
Harry: *pauses movie* OMG! That background character is making the stupidest face!
Stacy: Uh...that's a mirror...
by unicornz21 May 4, 2016
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A random person that you haven't interacted with and don't plan on interacting with.

If you start to interact with a background character they can become a side character.
M1-I was in the mall the otherday and all the background characters were wearing these weird hats
F2-oh you mean the new dadhat? Yeah I've been seeing everybody wearing them too
by James jamesly January 15, 2020
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A group of one or more characters that usually are seen in many series, games, movies, and plays, They usually have different families, friends, jobs, hobbies, personalities etc and make many cameos in different scenes

You can find background characters in many media such as Spongebob Squarepants
''They can be anywhere cause they're background characters''
by poopoflife October 19, 2020
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Not really noticed, kinda like a "hey, I'm just here" They usually do the most out of anybody, but nobody really notices them (Senpai, notice me!), so they just stay back there and act useless, like Hinata. That's right, Sakura is more useful than Hinata. If you disagree with me, Have you ever watched Naruto Shippuden?
Hey, I'm just gonna stand here and be useful but nobody notices how much I do, so I am A background character in Naruto.
by FatRatsForLife May 13, 2020
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