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An idea or insight a person has when they are high. For the duration of being high, it is a truly profound, original, and useful idea, but turns out the next day to make no sense, or be of any use whatsover.
Jimbo had an highdea last night that he was sure would make him a multi-millionalre. The next morning, however, he realized that no one would be interested in purchasing live ducks to wear as headwear.
by circushead June 23, 2006

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Coming out to your family and/or friends about your gayness at Christmas time.
Dirk finally told his parents he's gay on December 23rd, it was a classic case of ho Ho Ho Homosexuality.
by Circushead June 28, 2006

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Someone who posts a meaningless video on YouTube.
I'm sending you a link to a 28 second clip I found on YouTube, posted by a YouTard, which has no apparent purpose other than to take up space.
by circushead December 21, 2006

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Serbian-American football and baseball standout at the University of Notre Dame who happens to look like both Howard Stern and Andy Samberg.
Jeff Samardzija is both a professional football and a professional baseball prospect, and in fact the Chicago Cubs have signed him to a professional contract.
by circushead January 10, 2007

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The condition of being bored with facebook.
I haven't updated my Facebook profile in months. I have facebook fatigue.
by circushead March 07, 2008

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Slang for a cigarette.
Bertie asked Jeeves for a gasper, and the latter obliged him.
by circushead August 03, 2006

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The act of performing so badly at work that you are virtually ensuring your own dismissal, named for a guy called Patrick.
Tad committed Patrickcide by failing to show up at work less than 50 minutes late for 17 consecutive days, being drunk most of the time, and telling everyone who he'd fire if he were the boss.
by circushead January 14, 2007

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