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Someone who posts a meaningless video on YouTube.
I'm sending you a link to a 28 second clip I found on YouTube, posted by a YouTard, which has no apparent purpose other than to take up space.
by circushead December 21, 2006
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Name given to all the idiotic people who post comments on Youtube.
"Vile rage? Rampant racism? Huge neckbeard? Yep, we've got a Youtard on our hands. I wonder what the thinks about the Moon Landing..."
by DiseasedTempest November 28, 2007
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A person on YouTube who posts idiotic comments, generally they sound like they're insane or suffer from a mental disorder. They don't sound like the average commenters on YouTube and they don't provide helpful comments or start mature discussions. The majority of them are the 12 year olds that have invaded the internet and are generally trolls. Using insults like: gtfo nub, ur a scrub, get rekt m8, or the favorite of them all "ur mom". Replying to questions with "Darude-Sandstorm". These kinds of people generally love the most popular YouTubers and will defend them at all costs.

There's been a great rise of 'YouTards' after 2012.

Similar to a poster of 4chan's /b/ section otherwise known as a /b/tard.
Guy 1: what server is dat?
Girl 1: r u still dating her?
Guy 1: talk 2 me later
Girl 1: k
Guy 2: Wow. Great Place. The Interwebz. Very Fun. Much Stalkerish.
Guy 1: dats my ex u idiot
Girl 1: miss ya
Guy 2: Haha. Wow. Such Rage. Very Strange. Much Uncool.
Guy 1: when your momma and I fucked
Guy 4: Darude-Sandstorm.
Guy 5: What a bunch of YouTards...
by Seemefly October 25, 2014
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The large number of people that comment on youtube videos who do at least one of the following: troll, lack proper grammar/spelling skills, post ridiculously stupid comments that prove they have a low iq, or ask people to give them a thumbs up...
Bill: That video was hilarious man. Did you read some of those comments also? Those were pretty good too....

Jim: No, I usually don't bother reading them because it is just a bunch of youtard nonsense.
by the dark seahorse April 20, 2011
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In the farewell stage of an exchange of greetings and/or pleasantries, a 'you-tard' occurs when one party replies "you too!" when it does not apply.
Waiter says "Enjoy your meal" , you reply " you, too! A you-tard has occurred.
by MHB May 14, 2015
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