when you let out sperm in another's mouth or vagina
i gave her a tapioca pudding.
by FB: DAHDAHDINERO April 09, 2017
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the gelatin-like goo that comes out of a girl's vagina during her menstration
damn that tapioca pudding got everywhere
by patchoulipea August 25, 2008
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When you are anal fucking a dear and you are about to cum, but the dear needs to shit so you pull out and cum on the shit and it becomes a sticky mess.
I woke up and gave my pet dear a tapioca pudding!
by Jrs15151 August 19, 2021
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when you havn't had sex in a long time and when you ejaculate, a yellow, jell-o-like substance comes out.
guy #1- Dude last night when i pulled out, a thick, yellow substance came out.

guy #2- No way! You need some more action...that's tapioca pudding syndrome
by Roger Blank May 05, 2006
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