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stop yer damn complainin!
-eeek! i just broke a nail!
-oh dry your eyes, they're fake anyway...
by chunky November 5, 2003
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noun. A woman of ill repute that claims to look like beyonce or other period correct celebrity whose actual proportions mirror those of a whale. An internet diva's only true talent is duping lonely boys on the internet into e-relationships.
Using low resolution, over-exposed, and off-angle pictures are the hallmark of an internet diva in training.
by chunky September 17, 2007
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that which is ideal. Typically used as an expression of appreciation related to ideal behavior, but the slang form expresses appreciation and approval of desireable physical attributes.
Her ass is magnanimous.
by chunky April 5, 2004
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Sir, you believe you know it all when really you are something of a Dorsett
by chunky February 17, 2005
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adj. demonstrative of general courtesy towards other bros.
If you're going to a bro's house party, you should bring a few beverages to share with the rest of the bros. It's the brolite thing to do.
by chunky November 14, 2009
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the cutiest girl on the face of the earth, also a part-time pimp
Man, I could never get a girl like Brigina.
by chunky October 16, 2003
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Someone who is most likely going to end up being a janitor for the rest of his/her life.
"Man that billy is such a fopper"
by chunky April 12, 2004
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