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32 definitions by chloe

Occurs after a night of drinking. When you're not quite hungover -no vomiting, headache, or promises never to drink again- but you don't feel like yourself.

Often characterized by silly mistakes, dropping things, slight physical discomfort and lethargy.

Analogous to a car making funny noises. It starts and drives, but it's just not running right.
"I've been puking all morning! Man, I'm never drinking vodka again... How are you feeling?"

"Not too bad, just a little 'Spark Knock'"
by chloe May 22, 2006
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One is called a cock-ass upon finding out information regarding his male stupidity. We proceed to tie the male in question to a board, and ram a rooster up his ass. From this day henceforth, he shall be rudely awakened at sunrise.
"Daniel is a cock-ass for telling me he was not ready for a relationship, until he found someone else that is."
by chloe June 29, 2004
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Not just the hottest person I have ever seen but also the funniest nicest guy i have ever had the plesure of meeting.
I would marry him Deryck Whibley is the love of my life and my life wont go on for much longer without him.
by chloe February 28, 2004
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ugly n.The term used when someone has decaying teeth.
They called me poop mouth. They said I had a river of poop in my mouth.
by chloe April 22, 2005
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bad for u but its so good, diet red bull has 200 mg of sodium! great with vodka!
way better then any soda
by chloe January 15, 2004
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