A reference to a girl who is skinny, but in a trendy, sexy, model-type way. The term comes from the 1960s model, Twiggy.
You're so twiggy! You should totally be a model.
by TwiggyK September 16, 2006
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A model from the 60's who was very skinny and a big influence on the fashion of the era, as well.

Can also be used as an adjective to describe someone.
Look at that girl, she's like Twiggy!
by weezernerd May 18, 2005
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To screw up on account of your own stupidity or lack of ability. Especialy regarding matters involving the opposite sex. aka "to pull a twiggy"
"So how did your date go."
"I totaly twiggy'd it, she never wants to see me again."
by James Shields January 24, 2006
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A Extremley beautiful girl named heather that looks like a twig.
i love twiggy. Shes extremley beautiful, and i wish she didnt have a boyfriend.
by tim mercado January 29, 2006
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To have a long and skinny penis. Able to not try hard an pick up good looking women. Skinny in stature and proud of one's penis.
Yo, my penis is 9 inches long. Oh ya, but your skinny as a twig, Twiggy.
by bsbk May 01, 2007
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A very thin hand rolled cigarette.
Person b: What's wrong with it?
Person a: Look how thin it is, that's a twiggy!
by TehLolCatz July 21, 2010
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Twiggy is a goddess. Twiggy is the leader of all that is cool and will be cool. Twiggy is famous for no reason. Don't ask no questions. Do not defy twiggy, or you'll get fuckered up. Thanks.
Twiggy, you're the shit fo-rizzle.
by Teufel October 05, 2005
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