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Occurs after a night of drinking. When you're not quite hungover -no vomiting, headache, or promises never to drink again- but you don't feel like yourself.

Often characterized by silly mistakes, dropping things, slight physical discomfort and lethargy.

Analogous to a car making funny noises. It starts and drives, but it's just not running right.
"I've been puking all morning! Man, I'm never drinking vodka again... How are you feeling?"

"Not too bad, just a little 'Spark Knock'"
by Chloe May 22, 2006
to intervene for the purpose of lightening one's mood; to assist in changing one's mood from wench-like to something more positive.
She was being bitchy, so we organized an interwenchion
by Chloe December 18, 2004
An extremely overpriced clothing store for suburban adolescents between the ages of 11-19 (although the age is getting younger, I swear that in a few years, 4th graders will be getting boob jobs, allowing them to have the body of Lindsay Lohan). This store, contrary to popular belief, not only appeals to twiggy girls and preppy guys who think they're "ghetto" even though they buy clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch, but also rather obese girls as well. It's surprising that they even fit into the clothes, when as is, they rip and tear on anorexics, but on the more pudgy girls they somehow find a way, usually with their stomachs hanging out the front of their see-through t-shirts all the way down to the low seams of their hip-huggers. In addition, these girls are also the ones who insult girls who have a brain in their head that they need to buy these poor-quality, overpriced, thrift store-esque clothes with a blinding Abercrombie label repeatedly shoved on wherever there is a square inch of pure, easily ripped fabric. I guess, at Abercrombie and Fitch, the less fabric there is, the higher the price tag!!
#1-Anorexic: Oh my gawd, this mini is soooo cute! And, it's only $99.99! I totally have to buy it now before anyone else does, so I can make fun of anyone who buys it after me! I mean, what is the point of wearing a mini unless you can see my thong through all these holes in it? What size am I, an 18 now? Gawd, I wish I fit into a size two, those girls are so hot! You can see their ribs!
#2-Pudgy Girl- I guess they don't have my size here. Wait! If I hold my breath I can fit in a size 2! My stomach only hangs out when i exhale! And this jeans are cute, too! If I rip my jeans because my butt is too big, I can say the rip in the crack is because the denim is so, um..., fragile...
by Chloe March 26, 2005
sketch comedy show in the early 90s that consisted of david foley, bruce mccolloch, kevin macdonald, mark mckinney, and scott thompson.
is the most awesome show ever, and a much better sketch comedy show then crap like mad tv.
idiot: omg! mad tv is so awesome!
chloe: :slap: KIDS IN THE HALL!
by Chloe March 7, 2004
pickney - children
plural: pickney dem - those/the children
Da pickney dem mek bare noise
the children make loads of noise
by Chloe December 3, 2004
pure shit

a term used when angry, upset, frustrated, etc.
1) That was McDonald's.
2) I feel like McDonald's today.
3) I wish she would eat McDonald's
by Chloe November 26, 2003