1. transparent

2. made of a very sheer fabric
She was wearing a see-through gown.
by Light Joker December 20, 2005
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1. Someone who is extremely pale/has blindingly white skin. "A whiter shade of pale."

2. Someone with no game and with none of the charisma of our african american friends. Not even cool enough to be white.
Sandy, freakin' go outside, you're see-through.

Look at Alexander try to dance, man is he see-through.
by mecaro October 17, 2005
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Paul ordered a see through as soon as he finished his day at the seminar.....
by sheila in the car July 4, 2011
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An Australian slang word for a glass pipe tipicaly used for smoking meth, ice or crack
Wanna come round and play the see-through didgeridoo?
by Bridingdirty February 27, 2019
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When you are so skinny, you can see all of the outlines of the person's bones, so it appears that they have see-through skin
A string bean, See-through skin
by DJ-Jink November 1, 2010
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A utensil used to smoke Methamphetamine; aka, glass dick. oil burner, pickle,whistle,twizzle stick.
(phone call) tweeker#1" hey man when you come bring that shit to me, think you can bring me a see through kazoo, i broke mine. ..(tweeker#2)"yeah man cant have you sittin on some dope with no way to smoke it"
by Action Jacksum May 9, 2012
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THE Glass Pipe aka ..The Glass BBQ or The Crystal Pistol ....
Look at that wired gronk,

He's been twirling on the "See Through Didgeridoo" all night ,

he"s off his head .
by AussieFonz乂AUS May 27, 2023
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