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A nasty cocktail or cheap promotional beverage purchased by nightclub loving females, that has the effect of making them want to scratch each others fucking eyes out......
These 2 girls at Cinderella Rockafellers the other night were tearing fucking great clumps out of each other over some bloke, must've been on the old "Bitches Brew" all night.....
by cheffykins December 20, 2010

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An old, grizzled, wounded and war-torn snatch that has seen a lot of action and looks traumatised by conflict.....
That Cougar that I copped off with at Cinderella Rockefellers the other night was older than I thought, she had a real "Vietnam-Vet" down there.......I should've called a medic
by cheffykins April 05, 2011

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A more senior, and generally larger scale version of a camels toe. Looks more like piano wire garotting an ardvarks rear. More prevalent in older ladies that "were once hot, but now are not"
Your wife needs to get a new swimsuit mate, that one shes got on may have fit her 20 years ago but now it just shows her "Mammoths hoof" its so tight!!! Its not a good look.......
by cheffykins December 20, 2010

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Watching girl on girl action, but with one of the aforementioned ladies much less attractive than the other
I went to Keiths the other night as he had some new lezzie films, in this one film this stunning blond bird was scissoring off with a double edged crystal wand with this right minger - it was a typical case of "Bland on Blond
by cheffykins August 08, 2010

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A pool of hot man-batter left in a ladies belly button after emptying out over her stomach, similar to a "rock-pool" left on a beach when the tide has gone out
I was absolutely busting the other night, by the time I had finished banging the snatch out of Vera I left a deep cock pool
by cheffykins January 07, 2012

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A moist pink instrument, with the texture of pork, but salty tasting and firm to touch.
That Jane was in the bathroom for at least an hour the other night, stuck my ear to the door to see if she was ok and it sounded like she was strumming a tune on the old gammon guitar
by cheffykins January 02, 2012

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A person that has enjoyed quarantine so much, that they intend to stay solitary through choice after the event has passed.
Jesus, I never realised just what a bunch of assholes I used to spend my time with pre-covid, fuck that shit, I’m gonna become a coronaloner when this is all over.
by cheffykins March 31, 2020

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