Max is such a solitary person. He doesn't even come to parties anymore.
by Frankie Dogg December 20, 2010
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A player that rushes on his own.

Single Player.

origin: multiplayer games -> rushing -> rushers -> stray rushers -> solitary -> soli
the player pulled a solitary (soli) play.
by Shawn d May 10, 2007
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A gay man who every one knows is out yet still has 'issues'. Likes to lurk around the corners of gay bars looking miserable and not making eye contact. The exact opposite of a screaming queen.
Stop being such a solitary gay and embrace your gayness!
by Chocohate November 13, 2008
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when one is put into a area where one does not make normal levels of social contacts with other people
the inmate that tried to escape, they assigned him solitray confinement for a year
by matt furlani October 7, 2003
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I recall our headmaster addressing the class on the grave consequences of addiction to the solitary vice.
by Joseph Sydney March 14, 2008
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1. When an occupant of a prison does something reckless or anything severe that is against prison regulations, he is put in solitary confinment. Solitary confinment puts prisoners in a small, dark cell with no windows or light for a period of time, without ANY contact to the outside world or any other part of the prison or prisoners.
1. Butch made another escape attempt yesterday and they put him in solitary confinment for 3 weeks.
by Chicken Butt October 7, 2003
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The act of sitting on the end of a bed in a budget hotel chain consuming a low cost self-made meal from a corner shop whilst away alone on business. Eaten in a partial state of undress, due to an aborted attempt of getting changed after work, the meal, usually consisting of a loaf of bread and some processed cheese prepared by hand with no utensils, can be washed down with a bottle screw-cap wine whilst watching television followed by a savoury dessert, usually a whole tube of Pringles. After waking depressed in the morning, surrounded by food wrappers, food crumbs need brushing from your bed/face/body.
IT Contractor: This is so depressing, I could be out looking for a dubious lady (see pea-wet ), and this bread is stale.

TV: In news today, a missing cat reappeared after 30 days…

IT Contractor: Man, I’ve hit a low, and there are crumbs everywhere.

Next day:

Colleague: Good evening last night?

IT Contractor: Yeah, went out for a few drinks and made some new friends

IT Contactor (to self): Oh man, I was solitary bedcrumbing but can’t even admit it to myself, let alone anyone else.
by yourmaninthenorth September 4, 2009
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