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The antonym of coronalingus. When a person is sad and lonely during the coronavirus time of social distancing.
Bill: "Hey have you heard what Pornhub is doing? Their premium's free to not just the Italians now but the whole world!"
Moe: "Yeah! It's crazy. You know it really means so much to the coronaloners..."

Jessica: "I went on tinder to boost my self-esteem... I never got so many matches before"
Brittney: "Yeah, that's attack of the coronaloners alright."
by CoronalonerWithNoBoner March 30, 2020
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A person that has enjoyed quarantine so much, that they intend to stay solitary through choice after the event has passed.
Jesus, I never realised just what a bunch of assholes I used to spend my time with pre-covid, fuck that shit, I’m gonna become a coronaloner when this is all over.
by cheffykins March 31, 2020
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