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(man + acceptable)

Minimum sizes a certain group of women expect of men, in order to be deemed "acceptable", such as:
- Shoes = AT LEAST size 10
- Waistline = AT LEAST 30"
- Dick = AT LEAST 5" in length

(may vary from group to group)
When Phuong asked him what his shoe size was, he said "8, 8 & a half.... sometimes 9," which she did not deem MANceptable, leading to a complete lack of interest on her part
by catfight12 January 13, 2009
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1) When the victim falls in love with the vampire
2) What has happened to twi-hards/twilight fans
In my fictiontasy, Edward Cullen performed culleningus on me. It was love at first bite.
by catfight12 January 12, 2009
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When people use the term "l337" so much it's retarded
Guy 1: Dude, I was at the supermarket & found this bottle of detergent for like $1.29. How l337 is that??
Guy 2: Yeah totally I was driving & I saw this squirrel run up a tree.. l337 stuff.
Guy 3: More like...l337arded.
by catfight12 January 12, 2009
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(from combining internet + incest) When you finally meet up with your 'secret' internet lover & find out that it's your dad/mom/brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin
- Dude I'm never chatting on mIRC again, did you hear what happened to Bruce?
- What?
- He met up with SexyGal4u69me & found out it was his sisterrrr
- Gross!! Intercest!!!!
by catfight12 January 9, 2009
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What a gay man calls his gay lover in his 'subtle' way of coming out to his already 'suspicious' straight friends. "Room mate" is also used sometimes.
Not sure if my friend & neighbor Sean is gay but some mornings I see him & his "gym buddy" Fred walking around the house in matching monogrammed robes..
by catfight12 January 9, 2009
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Any Caucasian male that often ends up staying longer (or forever) in a third world country city such as Manila (Philippines, Southeast Asia), and does nothing but 'chillax' 24/7 at places for 'foreigners' such as Greenbelt in Makati or beaches like Boracay or Bali. Based on the color of his skin, the Half Baked is immediately bestowed VIP status by the friendly, unknowing locals & practically gets all the 'tang' that he wants. He is also immediately assumed to be attractive, even if he ISN'T, & is generally believed to have a lot of money, even if he DOESN'T.
Girl: Remember Brad? That American guy I met at Bed Space in Greenbelt? I think he zo rad. He's so..worldly.
Friend: He's a pasty white guy who's only been to Oregon apart from his hometown of Mississippi and that 2-hour stopover in Hawaii. He's a total Half Baked.
by catfight12 January 4, 2009
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A bug that shows at startup on a computer using the Windows Vista OS.
I see the HID Data has stopped working dialog box again. I wish I could afford an Apple MAC.
by catfight12 January 9, 2009
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