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When a girl is deluded in thinking that she is a 'princess' & everyone else--such as her friends, family, & peers, are of secondary or little importance.
I wonder if Paris Hilton still suffers from the princess syndrome after her grandfather claimed that he's changing his will & no longer leaving his children & grandchildren his riches but rather, donating them to charity.
by catfight12 January 08, 2009

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The Chinese celebration of Christmas. Has nothing to do with the celebration of the birth of Jesus (OR the 'idea' of it), but rather, seen as a great way for greedy Chinese sellers to generate more revenue.
Ah, it's Chinkmas time once more in Atheist China
by catfight12 January 04, 2009

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When a fat girl that is 'in the know' pulls a fast one (or fat one, even) on fat girl rodeo players by grabbing the nearest elongated object (cucumber or beer bottle) & anally violating the prankster whilst his fun-loving friends look on in disbelief, disgust, shock & amazement all at the same time.
Hahaha, that fucker didn't think he had 1 coming. I pulled a fat girl rodeo-reversal on him. He's probably going to have ta poop through his peehole for weeks. ONE FOR THE BIG GIRLS
by catfight12 January 04, 2009

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The ripped guy in a particular group that works out a lot & takes off his shirt every. chance. he gets.
They could understand that Matt was Shirtless Guy when he mowed the lawn, or played basketball, or fetched the mail from the mailbox, but to their amazement, Matt was Shirtless Guy for Thanksgiving, when it was 15°.
by catfight12 January 12, 2009

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A type of freeloader that is "friendly" because s/he's using you for money/help/maybe even sex
- i'm sick of that fucker robb, has anyone noticed that when the bill comes he takes at least 3 minutes to take a dollar out of his wallet?
- he's user friendly. he's always hoping our change will cover his bill.
by catfight12 January 11, 2009

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Energy drink gays drink before they hit the gym
Imma get me sum Gaytorade & make myself look all ripped n sweaty for my gym bunny crush
by catfight12 January 09, 2009

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bit of space treated as a whiteboard (but often, a permanent marker like Sharpie is used) to write about how they feel about someone, or to announce or advertise something
"for the biggest jugs in dallas, dial (555) 98-99-100!! p.s. mandy has crabs" was what samantha wrote on the bathroom wall
by catfight12 January 08, 2009

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