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Any Caucasian male that often ends up staying longer (or forever) in a third world country city such as Manila (Philippines, Southeast Asia), and does nothing but 'chillax' 24/7 at places for 'foreigners' such as Greenbelt in Makati or beaches like Boracay or Bali. Based on the color of his skin, the Half Baked is immediately bestowed VIP status by the friendly, unknowing locals & practically gets all the 'tang' that he wants. He is also immediately assumed to be attractive, even if he ISN'T, & is generally believed to have a lot of money, even if he DOESN'T.
Girl: Remember Brad? That American guy I met at Bed Space in Greenbelt? I think he zo rad. He's so..worldly.
Friend: He's a pasty white guy who's only been to Oregon apart from his hometown of Mississippi and that 2-hour stopover in Hawaii. He's a total Half Baked.
by catfight12 January 04, 2009

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