the equvilant of "hahaha" in english used by thai ppl online. In Thai "ha" means 5. Thus, hahaha = 555
Thai Person 1: hey ::insert a funny joke::
Thai Person 2: 555555
by Ayda May 5, 2003
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Thai for "hahaha"
he kuy 555~
by kvy~ April 11, 2003
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Alternate version of lol or "hahaha" in online or text conversation, usually with someone who speaks Thai. The Thai word for 5 is pronounced "ha", so three of them would be pronounced "hahaha"
Guy texting woman in Thailand: Did you go to the doctor and get that rash on your cooch checked out?

Bar girl reply: Yes, docter say boom boom now, ok.

Guy's reply: Come over then. And don't forget your sister, 555.
by Thailand Dan August 11, 2005
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An Integrated Circuit(IC), cased in an 8-pin DIP(Dual Inline Package), commonly used as a timer or a simple frequency generator.
I need to replace the faulty 555 in the timer
by [c0x0r] January 15, 2005
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To give a false phone number to someone you'd rather not have your real number.
He wanted her digits, but instead she gave him the 555.
by DJ Bill June 24, 2003
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Numbers used in movies, television, magazines . . ect. as the first three characters in a phone number so as not to promote stalkers who would otherwise actually call that number.
"Hey, call Tom Cruise at 555-6969."
by Randi® April 1, 2004
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Used mainly by Thais; 5 in their language sounds like "ha",so this mos tlikely means "hahaha".Used a lot in online video games.
"555! I pwned teh monster!"
by Omg November 12, 2002
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