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Deriving from a horney little boy named Cole. Any common acts that are twisted to mean something sexual, such as sitting on a lap would be a "cole-ism" if it were to mean more than just sitting down, or if you were to give a hug that is more squeezing and feeling than a normal hug would be a "cole-ism"
*a hot girl looking around to sit somewhere*
Boy: "Here, you can sit in my lap." (what he's really thinking... you can sit in my lap because you're really f*ing hot and i'll get a boner if you sit on me. PLEASE sit on my lap!)
by cat November 07, 2004

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A ho-bo, loser, idiot, fool and is completely and uterly stupid in everything that they do!!!!!!!!!
by Cat March 12, 2003

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a ritual event that takes place from anywhere from late march to early april. the partipants are high school and collage students; these strange creatures both engage in a varity of activities to drive any memeories of the school year from their minds. activites include, but ar not limited to; dancing on tables, getting laid, getting stoned and/or drunk, partying, dancing, and staying home and doing absloutely nothing at all. some ragic consequences can result from this dangerous but important rite of passage, including your girl/boy freind finding out you cheated them with 8 other boys/girls, your parents finding out how much of an animal u really are, throwing up, getting pregeant, getting raped, and getting killed.
I found out my girl had hooked up with 4 other guys over spring break and i knew it was over.
by cat March 17, 2004

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Very small Arizonan town of boarders, skiers, and other outdoor-oriented people. Points of interest: NAU, Snowbowl (best ski area in the world.. when there's actually snow), pubs, Fort Tuthill friday night parties.
They're damn proud of having snow and below zero temperatures in the winter, and they bet on the nuber of tourists who'll get themselves killed this year.
Abreviation: FLG
Yes, it DOES snow in Arizona. Just go to Flagstaff.
by Cat February 09, 2004

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Another word for F-U-C-K but its just spelled backwards.
Somebody's about to get kcuffed up yo.
by CAT September 19, 2003

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Slang for the male testicles.

see also, "Bait and Tackle"
...so I kicked him in the MAN BERRIES
by Cat April 14, 2005

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A fan of Harry Potter who is obsessed.
John Doe is SUCH a potter-head. He must get a lot of girls.
by Cat June 07, 2004

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