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A girl that piles the make-up on her face... Usually with a shovel and wheelbarrow.
ie. She really "cakes" it on.
C-Dawg: Wow look at that bird over there in the distance, she has hell good baps!!

J-Dawg: True as! she does too!!

*girl walks closer*

C-Dawg: Ah crap look at her face man, what the hell is that meant to be? She has got a pile of make up on it!!

J-Dawg: Your absolutely right!! Shes a Pavlova and a half!!
by castanza August 31, 2007
*Curious Cat* I might just go for a little stroll on to this road and see whats happening there.



In this example, Curiosity in fact did kill the cat just as much as the car.

by castanza August 29, 2007
1. (a.k.a cesspool) is a pit or a pool that is used for sewage or refuse. Basically it can be anything that is filled with shit.
Tintin: Aye Snowy were not fuckin coming here again its a fuckin cesspit in here.

Lady: Bargin past are ya? yous fuckas. bet you havent got a cock amongst yas!

Tintin: You obese fat motherfuckin bitch, fat heap of shit!
by castanza April 18, 2008
A CAD program that Drafters and Designers use.
It has its setbacks but isnt too bad when you get the hang of it. Personally I prefer AutoCAD. Microstation often crashes sometimes on my brand spanking new computer...
Drafty: Fucking Microstation froze again the fucking shit.
by castanza August 22, 2007
you are most likely using one to view this web page
by castanza June 18, 2007
The name people often use for Myspace when they are too embarassed to say it in public or in front of someone else. It is often used as a cover up so as to not let people know they are talking about Myspace. To be heard talking about Myspace in public is actually not cool as some young yuppies and pre-teens may think. This word was created by an Elite young man who lives in Perth. This elite young man uses Myspace occasionally but never talks about it in public unless the situations demands it to be talked about. Note that he will not say the word Myspace. But instead Mi Spiace, so as to not be heard by anyone.
J-Dawg: Did you read that stupid bulletin than sxc95cyooty posted?

C-Train: Yeh shes just so ridiculous.

J-Dawg: Yeah thats why I deleted her off my friends

C-Train: Same here. I hate them fucking Mi Spiace whores
by castanza August 22, 2007
This is a fact found on the under side of selected Spring Valley Drinks. Spring Valley decided to put these stats on some beverages in 2004. They are a great liddle addition to a morning ritual and along with the great tasting juice you get, the liddle fact you receive should usually be pretty interesting and generally one that you can share around and gain much interest from other work buddies and friends.

-Great way to start the day
-Interesting facts
-You learn more
-You get a nice juice to go along with ur liddle fact

-Some of the facts are in fact, false making you look like a dickhead when you go to tell people and then they figure out you are wrong.
-Some of the marked lids that claim they have a "liddle fact" underneath them, actually deceive you and you receive a blank under side of the lid. which can in turn cause you to have a really bad day or even week.
Goran: Wow this lid has a Liddle fact underneath it!!

Amery: Really? Whats it say?

Goran: An electric eel can release a charge powerful enough to start 50 cars!

Amery: Cool man.
by castanza August 28, 2007