Belgian boy reporter who is the greatest hero of the world. With his dog Snowy,the Thompson twins, his loyal friend, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus, Tintin can do all. He foils Drug smuggling and illegal slave rings run by the evil billionaire, Roberto Rastapopolous, kicks the shit out of Dr. Muellar, and saves Sydavia from the evil Bordurians under Kurvi-Tasch and Colonel Sponz. Tintin wins every fight, always does the right thing, and has a unique cow-lick hairstyle that's all his own.
Tintin discovered that the Bordurians were going to invade Syldavia by stealing King Ottakar's sceptre.
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 10, 2003
A really cool cartoon that was made back when we didn't have all these bullshit political-correctness laws.
by AYB March 10, 2003
Good in a fight, crack shot, all-around great guy. He is the man. He is the legend.

He is Tin Tin.
Watch your fokkin mouth, bitch. Tin Tin will kick your ass into next Tuesday.
by NINny May 20, 2003
belgian and gay icon cartoon character created by Hergé. His haircut (known as a "houpette" in walloon) is symbolic for the european gay community.
Gays with a houpette
by areyoucopsorwhat August 24, 2003
A Very Small Penis that is incapable or entering a young lady. Derived from the English slang 'It Ain't In' and then shortened in the Northen dialect to 'T'aint in'. See also justin
Sharon was dissapointed that Dave had a Tintin.
by Mister_Douve July 9, 2003
Boy 1 - What you been doing all day?
Boy 2 - Nothing just sitting around.
Boy 1 - Dam what a TinTin!
by IcPebbles April 7, 2011