A douche, some one who took their first letter of their name like a unattractive poser to sound cool.
"That C-dawg kid is so creepy dude!"-Collin
"Ya I know theres something not right with him"-Me
by nflkid1919 December 9, 2010
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Aka a smart, badass accountant out singlehandedly ensuring Companies are remaining ethical.
Hey, C-dawg! You did a great job handling that audit!
by ssadalicious March 1, 2018
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verb: this generally refers to the concept of engaging in sexual activities with an integer of above ten - at once.
Guy 1: Hey, how was the party last night?

Guy 2: Yeah, it was awesome, pulled a C-dawg on like 16 birds.

Guy 1: Niiiiiiiiice!
by Mad Cunna June 30, 2011
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chriskaye's ghetto fab nickname
Yo, c-dawg, pass me some of that nice sweet nourishing apple juice. Tanky tanky.
by El_Scorcho September 13, 2003
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