Cheap dosh for a lot of stuff
That was a bargin
by Bargin June 21, 2016
It is a version of a bargain.
When you find a HUGE bargin and its so amazing you say it is barginous!
by Apes October 2, 2003
A. Never having taken someone home from a bar before.
B. Never having been to a particular bar
C. Never having tried the bar's special.
A. Mike holds onto his barginity, he never goes home with trashy girls in bars.
B. Jane still has her Pepper Lounge Barginity, she hasn't even been there once!
C. You're famous for your huricane's here? I guess I have my barginity then! I've never tried one!
by MOD-HBIC December 20, 2009
adjective- refers to the act of enloping with a lady who has the same expectations about the relationship as you.
1)'...and so all she wants is sex'
2)that's a bargine cunt.
by ben November 16, 2003
Where you Fuck a Girl From Behind, whilst you eat a Bargin bucket of chicken, which you have placed on her back.
Guy1: man, i done the bargin bucket to stacii last night, it was finger lick'inn good.
by johnny condom May 5, 2010
A Pleb Store for Pesants/Plebs and foreigners

The Pleb shops at B&M Bargins
by Arsefucker3000 November 22, 2021