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The relative value of someone who is usually the butt of jokes. Usually the shop/office whipping boy/girl. i.e. someone who is gullible, a rumor monger, gets angry easily, is easily startled etc.
Dominic is such a dweeb, but he's very gullible so he has a high entertainment value.
by budgieramone January 14, 2004
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The scent of a carbonated beverage (pronounced SO-der).
Derived from soda and odor.
That peppermint flavored pop has a nasty sodor.
by budgieramone March 1, 2008
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1. a hocker, loogey, slug on the ground

2. the act of hocking a loogey
Watch out that you don't step in that spuck.

Dude, quit spucking on the sidewalk. People walk there you know.
by budgieramone January 15, 2004
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A person proficient at spucking
see also spuck
Only when you can spuck a helicopter, or bounce a chewy on command are you a true spuckenwhucker
by budgieramone January 15, 2004
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1)Sound effect indicating approval of destructive power.
2)To breeze through something
derived from the idea of a super fast bullet like a .17 remington penetrating a semi-liquid medium
Man that new round has some serious squit


I went through the tag office line in record time it was like squit and I was out
by budgieramone January 14, 2004
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A greeting for your buddies who work in retail or fast food stores, Best used when more than one is present so the laugh can be appreciated.

added prop is having ones hand in their jacket pocket, finger extended so it looks like a concealed gun.
AWWright you motherstickers..this is a fuckup!
by budgieramone January 15, 2004
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A two lobed hocker connected by a thin stream of saliva.
Joe liked spucking helicopters off of high buildings to watch them twirl before hitting pedestrians, vehicles or pavement below
by budgieramone January 15, 2004
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