Someone who takes the blame for somebody/everybody else's screwups.
Ferdinand is the whipping boy in his frat since he's a freshman.
by Shawn B. April 30, 2003
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a) one who is usually blamed for things
b) the bitch in a relationship
c) a book in which the main character, the whipping boy, gets punished every time the prince does something bad.
a) i didn't download any files. it was him ::points to whipping boy::
b) matt is such a whipping boy. lilly is so his master.
c) i had to read The Whipping Boy in fifth grade.
by cammie December 4, 2003
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"Let's hire a whipping boy to do all of our work for us. When he starts to make us permanent people look lazy, we'll just get another one... Damn whipping boy"
by Spongeboy February 7, 2003
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A homosexual male who enjoys bondage and S&M related behaviour.
"Chain me up... I wanna be yo' whipping boy!"
by LoonyTunes February 17, 2004
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When in a relationship the male is attached to the female and does whatever is asked of the female.
Man he is the cat's pajama's!..too bad he has to be a whipping boy.
by Teh bigfoot April 7, 2009
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Someone who takes a beating, often regularly. Could be physical, verbal or mental beating.
"I feel sorry for Kieran, can't be nice being the whipping boy"
" fuck that little jew bitch, he deserves it the yid"
"bit harsh"
" not at all, gas the pussy ol"
by WhatsApp group king March 25, 2019
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A gay man who enjoys being spanked.
Bob gave Dick a good spanking last night. Dick is Bob's whipping boy.
by LittlePervert February 13, 2004
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