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1. v
to quickly eat.

2. v
to vomit or belch in a manner like that of vomiting.

3. n

4. v
to steal or pilfer, usually pertaining to items of little value.

5. v
screw up, make dysfunctional

6. v
to sell (a bastardization of *hawk*)

6. v
do (can mean essentially anything)
i horked it down, then i horked it back up. then he horked my hork, and horked it to this guy who was totally horked up. then i horked my sister
by akary May 22, 2005
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v. to steal something, though not usually applicable to shoplifting or grand theft.
I turned around for five minutes and someone horked my pepsi from the fridge at work.
by aksarah August 24, 2003
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To take, without asking, something that if you would have asked, the answer would have been yes.

Note: This is a slang expression popularized by Bob & Doug MacKenzie's Strange Brew Soundtrack album
Literal usage: "I horked a beer from your fridge."

Common usage: "Can I hork a pencil?"

Note: the common usage is ironic, because you are asking when the definition involves not asking.
by DorgonE May 13, 2010
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To eat in a greedy and expedient manner. v.,adv.; hork, horked, horking
1)I horked all the cookies so I didn't have to share.

2)I've only got 5 minutes to hork down this sandwich before heading back to the condom factory.
by Chochal April 11, 2008
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verb: When you have eaten a large meal and you belch partially regurgitating the contents of your stomach to your throat.

noun: the above mentioned contents se also hork wad
I need a drink of water, I just horked and it didn't taste so good. Definitely better going down than coming up.
by budgieramone January 13, 2004
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