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Something you should never say to Germany.
Seriously, dont tell him that third times the charm.
by buddy retard July 5, 2020
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An exaggerated/stereotypical view of someone's beliefs.
Person 1: I'm a (insert ideology here)
Person 2: That means that you hate black people and eat babies!
Person 1: What? I dont mean that, I just think that illegal immigrants are bad.
Person 2: Look guys, he's a racist transphobe who thinks that women shouldn't have rights!

Person 3: Im a (insert ideology here) and I think that they should add compartments in landing gear to crush immigrants trying to leave their countries for a better life.
Person 4: Hey! Thats racist!
Person 3: OMG STRAWMAN!!!!

(rewind time)
Person 4: Hey! That's racist!
Person 3: Welp, guess you support terrorism. Betchu cheered when Al-Qaeda did 9/11?
Person 4: What the fuck?
Person 3: Fucking Commies trying to bring down America. Fucking hate them.
by buddy retard July 31, 2021
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A small, metal circle that has bullets attached to it, to be used to quickly load a revolver.
Person 1 used the speedloader to quickly reload his revolver.
by buddy retard July 3, 2020
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Definition 1: When your ass crack gets really hot.

Definition 2: A really, REALLY bad place to be.
Def 1: A: Man, my ass is really hot after that jog.

B: Hot like Satans ass crack?

Def 2:
A: You dont wanna go to that rusty-ass building over there.
B: Why the hell not?
A: That place is in the middle of Satans ass crack!
by buddy retard June 3, 2020
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Something done by stupid people who think they can match an apache attack helicopter
A: We are going to overthrow the goverment! The oppression ends now!
B: Dude! You cant just overthrow the goverment! What are we going to do when that thing collapses? No one stupid enough to join a revolution can rule a nation! And besides, what do you think a 50 ton steel caterpillar with an explosive cannon is going to do when it finds a bunch of untrained civilians shooting at it?
by buddy retard June 6, 2020
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There are 2 types of rich people.

1: The worked for it. These guys have usually been born into a middle-class family, and worked their way up. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and are very generous, there are very few worked for it assholes.

2: The "worked for it". These people are always born into an incredibly rich family, they are most likely assholes that dont understand the privilige they have and will constantly flex about how much money they have, and act like they earned it. Hates the homeless, dosent understand how terrible of a situation a homeless person is in and acts like they are assholes that deserve to be hated. These people need to have their money taken away for 5 days, to understand what its like to be poor and not live with a private army, mansion, limousine, butler, an exotic pet, and good food and drinks.
Rich People Type 1:

Person 1: (casually walking by the street)
Person 1: (notices poor person)
Person 2: Got change?
Person 1: Yeah man, you know, im gonna get you out of this shit and set you for life, its what you deserve, man.
Person 2: This isnt real, right?

Person 1: Real.
Person 2: You are the nicest person ive ever met.

Rich People Type 2:

Person 1: (riding in limousine)
Person 1: (notices poor person)
Person 1: (lowers windshield) Hey loser! You wanna get up in life?
Person 2: Yes please, that would be the kindest thing you could do for me.
Person 1: (flips bird) Nah loser! Work for it lazy ass bum!

(person 1 lowers windshield while laughing retardedly)
Person 3: (driving limousine) You should live without money for a while, learn how terribly stacked the odds are against that poor, poor man.
by buddy retard July 3, 2020
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