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A White Knight is a man who, in an attempt to gain affection from women typically acts in one of these ways:

1: Flogging
This involves extreme self-hatred and hatred of other men, often shaming themselves and other men for being male and praising women like gods.
2: Protecting
This involves stepping in and essentially cocksucking any woman who they percieve as being "attacked" which often includes being insulted or even disagreed with.

Not all men who stick up for women are white knights. The mens rea is what matters. If its just to be nice, then thats not WKing. If its to gain attention, affection or even favours then that is WKing.

As it turns out, many White Knights turn out to be far, far from the protectors they appear to be, and many White Knights will react explosively upon being turned away, often even more angrily than the men they seem to hate.

The name "White Knight" refers to the idea that these men see themselves as humble guardians and knights always protecting princesses and maidens, sometimes refered to as literal white knights.
Woman: I love coffee.
Man: No, coffee sucks.
White Knight: What is this? You dare disagree with that fine maiden? Blasphemous! Take that back now, foul being!

Woman: My ex-boyfriend sucks.
White Knight: Im so sorry for sharing a sex with that horrible beast. So many other such devils lurk in the dark. Men truly are subhumans and i feel ashamed for being one of them.
by buddy retard March 22, 2023
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Something done by stupid people who think they can match an apache attack helicopter
A: We are going to overthrow the goverment! The oppression ends now!
B: Dude! You cant just overthrow the goverment! What are we going to do when that thing collapses? No one stupid enough to join a revolution can rule a nation! And besides, what do you think a 50 ton steel caterpillar with an explosive cannon is going to do when it finds a bunch of untrained civilians shooting at it?
by buddy retard June 6, 2020
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An animal that will run at mach 6 when it hears a leaf crunch, but dosent give a shit when a steel can of death (car)
is rolling towards it at 90 miles per hour
by buddy retard July 4, 2020
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A media object, usually a videogame, that runs incredibly slow.
Person1s Macbook loaded Minecraft, only to have it run like a PowerPoint Presentation.
by buddy retard July 16, 2020
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Definition 1: When your ass crack gets really hot.

Definition 2: A really, REALLY bad place to be.
Def 1: A: Man, my ass is really hot after that jog.

B: Hot like Satans ass crack?

Def 2:
A: You dont wanna go to that rusty-ass building over there.
B: Why the hell not?
A: That place is in the middle of Satans ass crack!
by buddy retard June 3, 2020
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The most average person on the planet. Has a medium-income job, a medium house, a wife and 2 kids, a dog, has a hobby that he likes, an average social life, average morals, average skills, etc.
Dude, John is really average.
by buddy retard June 19, 2020
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An exaggerated/stereotypical view of someone's beliefs.
Person 1: I'm a (insert ideology here)
Person 2: That means that you hate black people and eat babies!
Person 1: What? I dont mean that, I just think that illegal immigrants are bad.
Person 2: Look guys, he's a racist transphobe who thinks that women shouldn't have rights!

Person 3: Im a (insert ideology here) and I think that they should add compartments in landing gear to crush immigrants trying to leave their countries for a better life.
Person 4: Hey! Thats racist!
Person 3: OMG STRAWMAN!!!!

(rewind time)
Person 4: Hey! That's racist!
Person 3: Welp, guess you support terrorism. Betchu cheered when Al-Qaeda did 9/11?
Person 4: What the fuck?
Person 3: Fucking Commies trying to bring down America. Fucking hate them.
by buddy retard July 31, 2021
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