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Someone who is 10 years old
I am 10 years old, therefore i am a 10 year old.
by buddy retard June 22, 2020

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Something you should never say to Germany.
Seriously, dont tell him that third times the charm.
by buddy retard July 05, 2020

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People that shit in urinals
People that shit in urinals are evil incarnate
by buddy retard June 21, 2020

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No edgy joke here
We are all humans
by buddy retard June 14, 2020

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A: 69
by buddy retard June 09, 2020

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Something done by stupid people who think they can match an apache attack helicopter
A: We are going to overthrow the goverment! The oppression ends now!
B: Dude! You cant just overthrow the goverment! What are we going to do when that thing collapses? No one stupid enough to join a revolution can rule a nation! And besides, what do you think a 50 ton steel caterpillar with an explosive cannon is going to do when it finds a bunch of untrained civilians shooting at it?
by buddy retard June 06, 2020

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Definition 1: When your ass crack gets really hot.

Definition 2: A really, REALLY bad place to be.
Def 1: A: Man, my ass is really hot after that jog.

B: Hot like Satans ass crack?

Def 2:
A: You dont wanna go to that rusty-ass building over there.
B: Why the hell not?
A: That place is in the middle of Satans ass crack!
by buddy retard June 03, 2020

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