To remove a leader or government from power, especially by force. To bring about a coup d'état.
The coup d'état had failed miserably. The queen exacted vengeance on the group who had plotted to overthrow her, beginning with her duplicitous former friend, the Duke of Leicester.

The Prime Minister and her Cabinet perished in the blast; the overthrow was underway.
by Lorelili February 04, 2011
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When you are in the middle of having sex with someone and their parent walks in on you. You know they would be pissed to see you fucking their kid so before they say anything and call the cops on you, you say “You’re next buddy!” Now the parent is in shock and you have about three seconds to put your clothes back on and getting the fuck outa dodge.
Parental Overthrow saved my life last night.
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is a naked albino man, bent over a log with and ugly bitch sticking a huge black dildo in his asshole
yo man look at that fuck face overthrow hes such a fucking loser
by crips d March 14, 2003
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On December 18th... the staff share get a copy of the server where they are the owners. The owner of the non-copy is powerless here... the Mods and Admins get to SHOW the owners and all members what they want to do to the discord server.
Admin: Hey mod, its Discord Overthrow Day.

Mod: Oh yes, finally get to show the owner what i want to do to their server AHAHA
by SparkSpork December 15, 2020
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