A little gay jealous idiot whom left me without telling me.
By the way, if your reading this, fuck you. And I hope that skinny little bitch you found pleases you more than I ever did. I hate my ex-boyfriend.
by A normal person <3 August 16, 2023
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That common "slut" (or whore) that will break the girl code and go off limits by dating your once lover. Even if you claim to be "Over that doushe bag" its still never recommended to date a girl's ex, if you do, prepare to be bitch slaped.
Cara: What the fuck?! Look at that home wrecker of a stupid slut that dates my ex boyfriend! What the hell does she think she's doing with him?

Bridget: I don't know... but let's beat the shit out of her till she breaks up with him. :)
by heartloves_you June 11, 2009
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