It is up to us to fix this system and stand up for our freedom, everyday our rights are being trampled on. Revolution is the key to preserving our natural rights.
by bunnywith August 8, 2008
The process of replacing a tyrant with a different tyrant
"The revolution is now complete!" said Napoleon. "Meet the new boss!"

"Same as the old boss," said a French peasant under his breath.
If you want to start one read Abbie Hoffman books.
In order for a revolution to take palce you need guns, flowers and lots of LSD.
by MDMA February 9, 2005
Using power or your voice to change a way of thinking or take any action either peacefully or not.
"Dude he totally participated in a revolution"
by don'th8db8 July 6, 2018
A group based in Seattle, Washington. They are all students at the University of Washington. They like to win intramural championships and throw bangers.
Tim: John, what are you up to this weekend?
John: I'm going to hit up the revolution today, I heard they throw bangers.
Tim: Oh yeah, the revolution is a must!
by torrado torrado February 21, 2011