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A very talented musician. Uses lots of spanish and random sound effects. My favorite song, E-Pro. My second favorite, Where It's At. Also the mysterious song "Girl" which nobody knows the real refrain lyrics to. In the liner notes it says "Hey my ... girl" Thanks a lot Beck. People think that it could be: sun-eyed, summer, cyanide, cyan eyed, sinner, etc. I think it's cyan eyed or cyanide.

Odelay and Guero are great albums.
Beck is cool. He's only 5'7" but he's cool.
by bowser724 August 30, 2005

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The thing you have to say to Dongolev to get him to go work with Mendelev again. "Peasant's Quest" from homestarrunner.com
"Haldo! Test your skill!"
by bowser724 February 27, 2005

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Not that my face is a goat's face, or my head is a goat's head. My face is an entire goat.
Marzipan, look. This is goat face. I have a goat for a face.
by bowser724 February 22, 2008

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Where Best Buy HQ is. Also where that weird school Holy Angels is.
Ehh. I live in richfield. At least I'm not an Edina snob.
by bowser724 August 16, 2005

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Something that's unimportant or disgusting or stupid.
Who cares about that dirt?

Eww. I don't wanna eat that dirt.

This is some stupid dirt.
by bowser724 August 15, 2005

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Short for "bitch". IT SAVES TIME!!
Bip! you spilled spaghetti on me.
by bowser724 August 15, 2005

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