A city in the southwest part of Minneapolis that has a reputation as being "Stuck-up, rich, and snobby." These stereotypes are somewhat outdated, however, as newer and just as wealthy suburbs have grown (Eden Prairie, Plymouth, Minnetonka).

Many people believe Edina to be a bubble, because of its large percentage of white inhabitants, also it is nearly self-serving, providing much of its own funds due to high taxes.

Also has reputation of having the best schools in Minnesota and one of the best public high schools in the country (Rated by US Magazine). Athletics is also very popular, as Edina has won more high school state championships than any other school.
Kid #1 (From Edina): Like, Oh my god, I saw these cute shoes at Southdale the other day, I had my daddy pick them up for me.

Kid #2 (Not From Edina): Look at that snobby ass girl, what a cake-eater.
by Minnesota Native March 10, 2005
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Edina, the land of cake-eaters and snobs.

E - Every
D - Day
I - I
N - Need
A - Attention
Oh look, there's someone from Edina. Yo kid! EVERY DAY I NEED ATTENTION.
by Chanhappenin' Baller February 21, 2011
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Truly an interesting case-study in snobbery, Edina is a suburb located to the south of Minneapolis, MN.

Known for its less than superlative reputation as a haven for the rich and stuckup, Edina serves as that first stepping stone for the equally spoiled and stupid children of other communities to channel their own over-inflated snobbery and prejudice.

Of course, citizens whom dwell both within and outside of Edina are completely daft as to their own mocking and childish elitism, but one should expect this sort of irony to be lost on such individuals.

Both Edina citizens and anti-Edina knob heads are well known for their distaste of the unruly "colored" types.
"Hey Nameless-White-Nordic-Descendant #1, do you know what Edina stands for?"

"No, Nameless-White-Nordic-Descendant #2, what does it stand for?"

"'Every day I need Attention'"

(Ensue rolling on the ground in laughter, whilst shitting and pissing oneself)
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Every Day I Need Attention; the most stuck up suburb ever known in the history of the universe.
OMG, I would eat my own ass with a spoon before I would ever move to Edina
by miguel sanchez May 11, 2003
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Edina is well known for being the wealthiest suburb in the State of Minnesota and is home to many top Doctors, Lawyers, Sports Owners, Altheletes, and the Wealthy. Edina is split into two sides due to highway 100 running through it north to south. The west side is known as the place to live (more expensive property) while the East side is home to the better shopping such as the uber-chic 50th and France, Southdale, and the ultra expensive Galleria.
Edina also Homes one of the best Public schools in the USA, which not only trumps others in acedemics but also has the most athletic Titles in the Nation. Even though Edina has such a great school system, the top bracket families send their children to the surronding private schools such as (ranking from high to low in cost per yr): All boys Militaty school St. Thomas Academy ($16,000), All Girls The Convent of the Visitation ($15,000), Brech School ($15,000), Academy of Holy angels ($10,000), and Benilde St. Margrets ($9,000).
There are 4 prominate churches (along with a few smaller ones) in Edina: PCP (prespytrian), St. Patricks (Catholic), St. Stevens (Epicopanlian) and Our Lady of Grace (Roman Catholic). The wealthiest families attend OLG as it is often referred to by outsiders are "our Lady of Diamonds" and "Our lady of Mink". St. Patricks and our Lady of Grace are Sister parishes but are most commonly know for their rivaltry
There are 2 beautiful Country Clubs in the Suburb, Interlachen Country Club, and Edina country Club. Interlachen Country Club has gained much recognition for its golf course, Playing host to the 1919 Western Open, 1916 Trans Mississippi, 1930 US Open, 1935 Womens Amateur, 1986 US Senior Amateur, 1993 Walker Cup Matches, and the 2002 Solheim Cup. Interlachen Country Club continues it's rich tradition as one of the finest golf courses in the world as it prepares to host the US Womens Open in 2008. Edina Country Club is just as prestigious and its golf course is known as one of the finest in the state of Minnesota. The club has hosted many state and national championships including the Men's and Women's Trans-Miss, Minnesota State Open, Minnesota PGA Championship, Minnesota Men's & Women's Amateur, Western Junior Championship, MNPGA Junior Championship, MGA Mid-Amateur and PGA-MGA Cup Matches. New Membership fee for Interlachen CC starts at $65,000 and Edina Country Club's starts at $55,000.
Wayzata vs.Edina: There is much rival between Wayzata Suburb (west of Edina) and Edina for who infact is the wealthiest suburb in Minnesota. Wayzata is strictly new money and lacks the class and pedigree that Edina is loved for. Edina, in fact, is the wealthiest, with an average of $120,000 annual income per family, while Wayzata is only $89,000 per family (2000 census).
Nick Names: Edina residents are commonly referred to a living in a "bubble" due to the fact the the average Edina resident lifestyle is pampered and sheltered. There is no diversity in Edina with population being 99.3% White and .7 % African American (2000 Census). Also residents are known as, by outsiders, as 'Cake-eaters" this derives from history as money was once commonly reffered to as 'cake' (which is still used as common slang) and implies that Edina members are so wealthy they can eat their money due to the vast amounts they have.
Edina, Minneosta
Not snobs
by DefineCities December 17, 2006
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Edina is very rarely heard and a bit posh it was mostly used by writers in the 18th century
by Alba gu Brath July 3, 2006
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A city that is always stereotyped. Where the kids are seen as 'snotty', even though 2% of the high school's make-up fall under such a category. A high school that was in Sports Illustrated’s top athletic schools in the nation, is academically considered top in Minnesota, and where 96% of the graduating class attends a 4 year college because of their knowledge, not money. Where kids can laugh about the stereotypes because of the city's reputation, but not about their personal experience. A city, contrary to popular belief, voted liberal in the 2004 presidential election. A place that challenges condemners to visit, and then make an educated judgment.
Wayzata Jock #1: God! Edina is just a bunch of preppy white rich kids!
Wayzata Jock #2: Yeah! AND they beat us in football!
(True story. I'll tell you some time.)
by EHS Student May 16, 2006
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