verb/noun: to break into a car/a tool used to break into a car
"Lil Poopa: Go broke bounce back and thats all from the bip"
by LilSaucy June 15, 2018
After a male gets his hair cut, although it must be a good hair cut.

Hairline straight, all blended, no bald spots or unevenness
by Gabbyc_11 February 13, 2017
Acronym for "Bad In Person". Used to describe someone/something that isn't as good in reality as described or portrayed on social media.
Joe: Have you seen the new girl Sasha?

Tom: Yo she's BIP. I thought she was hot cause I saw her pics on Instagram but then she walked into class and she ain't cute at all.
by russell11 January 23, 2017
noun (most commonly pronounced 'burrrr')

used to describe someone mentally challenged, or to describe them as stupid or dumb after committing an action not soundly carried out or speaking in a dumb manner. mostly a temporary nickname for people, 'bip' can sometimes become permanent if the person continues to act in a stupid way.
Tom- yo shawn you get deeds from that girl?
Shawn- Nah
Everyone- BURRRRRR!!!!!
Shawn- How am i a bip?
by ttmaccc July 16, 2011
Used for punking someone, the usage of Bip describes the act of hitting someone while making it a huge punkout.
What you said you were gay? ... *Bip*
by XII German IIX BOOM BOOM September 15, 2003
As said, originating from Broward County, Florida. Slang for high-quality marijuana such as funk, fire, kind, etc. Taken from the word krypto, shortened and changed to a "B" for governmental monitoring purposes.
J came through with the bip and we got lifted.
by Anonymous Man September 5, 2005