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Acronym for "Bad In Person". Used to describe someone/something that isn't as good in reality as described or portrayed on social media.
Joe: Have you seen the new girl Sasha?

Tom: Yo she's BIP. I thought she was hot cause I saw her pics on Instagram but then she walked into class and she ain't cute at all.
by russell11 January 22, 2017
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Ball In Peace. When someone can no longer ball, so their friends and family wish for them to ball in peace. Similar to "rest in peace".
Dude, Jimmy got domed while hooping,.
Shit man, #BIP
by Urban Dictionary Bot March 22, 2016
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An acronym for "Bust in Pants" is the act of ejaculating in your pants during a lap dance.
Brad: Mike how was the dance?
Mike: It was unbelievable!
Brad: But did you BIP?
Mike: Of course, I gotta go clean up now.
by StripClubFanatic February 09, 2014
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Used in the same context as R.I.P means Ball in Paradise
B.I.P GBE Capo
via giphy
by suacyguapboy July 07, 2016
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