A test is something that you take and try to pass.
I got a 70 on the history test. I passed.
by CynderFanclub April 14, 2020
The word all students fear.

A piece of paper that might screw up someones life if they don't write anything on it.

Something that makes most students wish to die on the weeks before they go into the room and take the test.

Something that makes most students have teamwork spirit.

A paper that teachers love to surprise, scare and threat their students with.
Younger brother: "brow-der, come plwaay with me"
Big brother: "leave me alone, I have a test tomorrow"
by Harley Quinn and The Joker August 6, 2016
When testing someone’s cool.
Person: Please stop Testin’ My patience.

BY: GiovanniDYMillYente
by MillYentei DYSlick September 18, 2020
1.Manifestation of Torture
2.Unoficial Technoblade Meme
(1)-bro lemme audio balance, k?
(1)-da fak
by DaniCapi12 October 24, 2020
What you take in school to determine if you pass or fail in life.
I failed my test, therfore I must fail at life.
by energizerman38 June 26, 2007
Testing, testing! You just... examine what a thing could do.
I think that test worked out.
by The Big Mine August 8, 2019