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Freshamn can be really strange, but by the time they are seniors at Holy Angels, are friends with everyone who's anyone in Bergen County, have really cute handbags, and basically are the coolest group of people since the cast of THE OC.

and you know where theres a dick painted on one of the walls.
you want to date a Holy Angels girl.
by missmoran April 07, 2005
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Holy Angel is an all girls Catholic high school. Although everyone complains about the school work and the loads of test no one would want to be anywhere else. At AHA girls just rolled out of bed in the morning and go to school with no care in the world about what the look like. The girls aren’t just classmates they are sisters. Everyone is friends with everyone. Holy angel girls are life long friends who truly care about each other.

Many think that AHA is the ugly girls school (not true). Those people are missing out on some beautiful and amazing women inside and out. AHA is also known as the smart school which is very true. AHA girls get accepted to all the top schools across the nation. Girls from this school will be running the world in a few years. AHA focuses more on academics than sports but it is the only school in the nation to say that they are currently 3X NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!
Holy Angels is the best school in NJ.
by holyangels June 15, 2018
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The only school that Z-100 provides lots of love for. The school where the senior Class of 2005 is as close as ever, and aren't afraid to say so. And the only school who never has snow days, but check out our SAT scores!
The only school where Ryan Cabrera flirted with everyone.
by Alex April 09, 2005
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Fakes girls attend. It seems great freshman year but once senior year hits you all hate each other and talk shit behind each others back. The teachers do not care and load tests on you 24/7. You always have hours of homework. If you dont apply to an Ivy you are frown upon.
by mrsbeyer October 23, 2017
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the best catholic all-girls school in jersey. all the girls complain about the workload and other people but you know they love the friends they have and work hard to get good grades. lots of tea but what do you expect from girls? everyone gets it confused with IHA but holy angels is obviously the better school. freshman are awkward and walk slowly in the hallways but we all know everyone in Bergen County. girls roll out of bed and come to school still looking pretty anyway. everyone's super involved with clubs, athletics, theater, and academics but everyone knows how to get lit on the weekends. go angels!!
@ All Boys: If she goes to Holy Angels, she's smart, gorgeous, athletic, funny, and knows more about world issues than your parents. If she likes you, you should TOTALLY date her.
by holyangelsnj January 17, 2019
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