While recording Beck's 1996 album of the same name, the then-unnamed track 'Lord Only Knows' was written down by the engineer as 'O-Del-Ay' based on his phoenetic understanding of the outro vocal. Beck is ACTUALLY singing "Órale", which is a common Hispanic term meaning:

1. affirmation that something is impressive, exclamatory
2. an agreement with a statement (similar to 'word')
3. alarm, surprise or danger
4. a simple greeting
5. "hurry up"

Beck liked the misspelling, naming the album after it. As such, the word carries a similar exclamatory function to it's Spanish pronunciation.
"Odelay, Odelay! Just passing through."

- Hey/Hi/What's Up/Word, just passing through!"
by tsholl July 29, 2009
Spanish (mexican-american) slang for, "RIGHT ON!", or "Alright!".

The expression was coined first by CHICANOS (California-based Latinos) during the mid 20th century (around 60's)

It is NOT a word that is used by all Latinos. Homeboy's use the term a lot
Lil Joker: Hey, Esse-- lets go cruise the calle in el chingon lowrider.

Sad Boy: Odelay.
by TheBigBad GreyTiger January 17, 2009
Odelay- v.
1) To get a song stuck in one's head.
2) To get a song stuck in someone else's head through humming, singing or whistling.
1) Some girl Odelayed me in the elevator with Jack Johnson.

2) I totally Odelayed this guy in the elevator when I was whistling.
by M&T November 16, 2005
A tremendously talented shape-shifting album by Beck. Odelay also means... well, I can't tell you THAT.
Odelay, odelay, just passin' through...
by Stef January 8, 2004
in latino-american culture, a slang term used as a greeting.
"odelay, new york city! odelay HBO ! odelay latinos !"
"odelay, chica. what are you doing tonight?"
by omegatron May 17, 2008
typically used by Hispanic Americans (quite possibly strictly Mexican Americans)

meaning "FASHO"
(guy singing along to electric radio smoking a joint in his car)

(Mexican man pulls up next to him in his car)
M: Odelay, take that shit to the next level
G: Oh..Odelay
M: Odelay...Pinche fresca!
by miggitymac April 3, 2009
Something that Beck says, usually when being surprised, sort of like "Wha' da' fuh?". Can also be used in the term of questioning, or non-understanding. It can also be used to describe awesomeness.
1.) "Hey, Beck, can I ask you a question real quick?"
"Whoa, man, what does that mean?"
"Look it up, jackass."
"Hey, just 'cause I'm a democrat does NOT mean I'm a jackass!"

2.) "...And therefore, the variable X must be the coefficient of Y, which would, logically, then be the answer to our question of what the last number of PI is."
Beck's head is on his desk, and he appears to be
drooling softly.
"Mr. Beck, can you tell me what the last number of PI is?" asks the Professor, looking down his glasses.
Beck sits up, looks around, wipes the drool off his mouth, and says "Who da' what now with th' Odelay?!"
"Exactly Mr. Beck! And all this time, I was led to believe you were slumbering...."

3.) "Dude, Beck, I just banged three broads! And I left one for you!"
by Ben Ehrman March 14, 2007