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The worst kind of ugliness. Ugly beyond belief.
"I been called ugly, fugly, pug fugly but never ugly ugly" - Moe Sizlak
by bosco May 14, 2004
a term used to describe when one is drunk and horny at the same time - this situation usually occurs at strip clubs.
Wow, look at that trucker. He's so booziewoozie right now its hilarious.

No, Johnnie, I don't want to do it with you. Your just booziewoozie.
by bosco March 30, 2005
A fictional show by Nbc that takes you into the live of paramedics, police officers, and firefighters during the third watch shift (3 PM- 11PM) in NYC. A great show which airs on A&E weekdays at 5(eastern GMT -5:00) and Fridays at 9 on NBC. Unfortunatly, it will be cancelled after it's sixth and final season.
YO Did you se third watch last night? Officer Boscorelli banged Cruz!
by bosco March 26, 2005
Word meaning awesome or brilliant. Usually used when Dave pots a ball and screws back 3 lengths of the pool table.
That's mustanical!
by bosco May 14, 2004
Cross between the words cunt and minger. Used to describe a women that is a complete bitch and a complete minger.
Look at the head on that munter!
by bosco May 14, 2004
Really bad or Bren-like.
The smell of that, Bren! That was unctious.
by bosco May 14, 2004