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The city that God forgot
This city sucks, it reminds me of Utica
by bort April 15, 2005

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Adjective: You become college if you attend college and constantly flaunt your extracurricular partying activities as if you are the only one who does it. These include 'Dave' concerts, binge drinking, drug use, and hooking up. A person who can identify with being college is normally arrogant toward their weekends, and can even be found yelling "college!".
After overhearing the kids talk about how drunk they got at the f'n Dave concert they went to, Eric stated "Jeeze, those kids are pretty college."
by bort April 19, 2005

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A person who is very ugly, stupid, and annoying. This person has an extremely false since of cockiness, although has no friends. This person may also be referred to as Screech, Sam Powers, or Dustin Diamond.

i.e. - the worst of all insults
Quit being a Bontemps!
by bort September 25, 2004

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A creepy person most likely named George. This person siddles into your room, you can't see or hear him, and then he'll laugh at a joke to reveal his presence. He'll also hide in the bushes to follow people around.
Blaskee? Where's Blaskee!? F'n Blaskee...
by bort April 15, 2005

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when in addition to "process" a small bone located near the sternum that concaves due to severe sugar depletion, leading to disturbing alcoholism and rampant homophobia.
a coming of age for a young male. The "silvoid process".
by Bort June 22, 2003

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When somebody farts and it smells really bad, almost to the point where you think they have soiled themselves.
"Oh my gosh that is NASTY! You just Piaseckied in your pants didn't you!"
by bort April 17, 2003

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