When your partner says “Goodnight”, they are indirectly saying I love you.
“Goodnight :)”
by ilovelove April 5, 2021
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Goodnight: (adv) - a polite way of telling someone to shut down their point they were trying to make. (Syn. "Go to sleep"...ect).....lo
Bob: I am so in love with her!
Rick: Bob, you JUST met her...

Bob:*dreamy sigh* .....I know!
Rick: Goodnight!
by The Evolved One May 28, 2012
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a word used in exchange between two people when parting for the night. It should not be used one way, but rather both ways.
"Goodnight, love"
"Goodnight too babs, love you more"
by Penc3 October 16, 2015
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What you say at night when your friends won't stop texting and you just want to binge watch Netflix or YouTube
Group chat: *random texts* (x1,000,000)
Person in chat: GoodNight
by Blimpy the corny girl April 12, 2015
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(interjection)meaning...OMG, damn, dammit, etc.
It can be used to express joy, disbelief, and sarcasm.
Goodnight!, did he really just ask me that?

J: "I dont want you hanging with her."

T: "Goodnight"
by Neeski June 5, 2009
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the involvemet of telling someone to have a good night.
i am going to bed now *yawn* goodnight.
by the wind is changing September 1, 2005
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