1.) A former child-star turned reality TV fucktard. In the last cycle of the reality TV show, Celebrity Fit Club, Dustin Diamond made himself the villan from day one; refusing to follow the diet program, dragging his team down, talking shit about absolutely every member of the cast, and doing everything he possibly can to get more TV coverage.
2.) One who makes it a point to be the biggest hypocrite on the face of the planet.
3.) A douche who isn't fit to sniff Kimberly Lock's dirty underwear.
Dustin Diamond: "I fight with truth and logic, so I can never be wrong."
Regular Person: this coming from the douche who claims that he can loose weight by eating junk food, not exercizing, and thinks that using diet pills on a reality TV show about loosing weight through diet and exercise is NOT cheating When Douchebag Diamond says he uses truth and logic, he really means pseudo-truth and logical fallacy. Basically, he's an idiot.
by Peaseblossom85 August 11, 2007
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A fucking loser ass pussy who cant get a job because he's all washed from saved by the bell. That was a crapy show anyways.
Person1: Dustin Diamond got hit by a car!!
Person2: So...
by Dustin Mislan Duguay August 20, 2007
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Dustin Diamond co-starred as Samuel Powers, aka Screech, in Saved By The Bell. He started the show when the class was in 8th grade, with Ms. Bliss, continued with it throughout high school, AND the college years, AND he was still there for "the new class."
Dustin Diamond did NOT improve with age, and would probably have had a hard time getting any other role in anything, since he was instantly recognizeable as Screech.

Screech is the epitome of a dork.
by bandcampgirl183 October 3, 2005
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A sexual act performed by shaving the female specimans hair off then proceeding to jaz'm (see definition) onto her freshly shaved scalp, coating the entire skull. Next, you squat a spot over top of her gleaming dome and proceed to shave your rancid pubic hair onto her head, sprinkling in such a fashion that is resembles a Dustin Diamond aka. Screech's hairstyle.
"Dude, Rolo Tony's girlfriend actually asked me to give her a Dustin Diamond. I couldn't refuse."
by Shawn Sager July 18, 2008
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Former child actor turned gay icon, also plays the bass in an equaly homoerotic band. Big fan of tossing salad, felching, glass bottom boat and Russian trombone.
That Dustin Diamond, I sure would love to suck his chode and lick out my cum from his asshole.
by AC Slater June 29, 2004
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