Front chest bone to which ribs are joined
'I'm afraid that the knife shattered his sternum and literally blasted pieces of bone into his heart...He's not gonna make it.'
by Teh 0n3 December 5, 2009
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When you give a girl an orgasm by a rubbing motion with your sternum.
Hey guys I totally sternumized the fuck out of that bitch last weekend.
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The wonderfully arousing patch of chest hair running along a male's sternum area. It is a known aphrodesiac for women. It is normally presented in the male's courtship/mating rituals by leaving the top couple of shirt buttons undone. It effectively shows the male's superior levels of testosterone, strength, masculinity and mating desirability.
You need to show some chest hair! Chicks dig the sternum bush!
by reneeL December 2, 2010
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The concern and monitoring of a person's appearance due to potentially unhealthy and excessive weight loss.
"That Cylon woman on BSG is hot, but if she looses any more weight, we're going to have to put her on sternum watch".


Get that girl a cheeseburger, stat! She's on sternum watch.
by Montybank June 27, 2008
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sternum chopping is the action defined by approching members of either gender, and chopping then with the side of your hand, directly on the sternum. emotions expressed by sternum chops range from love, to anger, based on pressure applied to the sternum. if the person you are doing it to, is rather buxom, you may call it "cleavage cut"
she came right up to me, and sternum chopped me really hard. I think she was mad.
by kuhwristuh July 20, 2006
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When a girl with small boobs tries to give a boob job, but the penis ends up rubbing on her sternum in the middle of her chest.
Dude this girl I hooked up with last night totally tried to give me a boob job. But her tits were so small it was more like a sternum job. Felt like she was giving me indian burn on my junk dude.
by davemos November 5, 2007
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The fleshy orbs that inhabit most females shirts. Boobs, Sweater Puppets, Funbags, Chesticles
And after that fine gentleman was nearly spent, he proceeded to skeet all over her sternum fat! I say, it was a first class finishing move!
by Shanislav Sladesky January 15, 2006
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