The state beyond being confused and in turmoil
Blondes are constantly in noit

(noited, noiting, noit)
by heyyyitzemmy November 5, 2010
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The word nice pronounced with an Australian accent. Usually said in a drawn out manner
That's a noooits croc right there!


Friend- 'Yo we won the tounament'

You- 'Noits'
by Jamean Noits September 5, 2010
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1 To be killed or destroyed in a precise yet entirely coincidental way.
"Who would've thought that." mumbled the guard, "He'd be noited by a crocodile AND the prey it was hunting."
by Edward Blackhurst December 21, 2019
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Another word for never. Derived from the Dutch word 'Nooit'. Noit is mostly used in gaming.
Annoying gamer: im so good so i noit use hax.
by Can-o-Mark April 28, 2007
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The party was noit; that's your noit car!? That things noit for sure.
by Mikey noit May 22, 2019
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