A misspelling of the Spanish word "tapas," which is a general word referring to appetizers or finger-foods.
I don't want a whole meal, but we could have some tappas sic to tide us over until dinner.
by Dee-O April 30, 2008
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Shortened slang for "appetizers", as on a restaurant's menu. I guess it's from New England, but, hell, I don't know.
What the !@#$ is "tappas"? It says "tappas" on the menu and lists cheesesticks, nachos, and chicken wings.

2 weeks later

OH! I bet it's some retarded slang for "appetizers."
by boohiss January 06, 2006
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During sex, the male must eat a bacon slice and shoot his load at the same time.
"What happend last night with you and that girl?"

"I did the tappa"

"Broo nice"
by Jappa James November 04, 2019
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(n.) also known as TKK.

1. a flaming bundle of douchebags who despite their horrible drinking skills brag about drinking.

2. a cornucopia of fagweeds who at the conclusion of every occurence recite "Tappa Tappa Kegga style"

3. some faggots who love blowing up each other's facebooks (and quite possibly each other) all day long.
Hey man did you hear?...Elton John just pledged Tappa Tappa Kegga. TKK style!!!
by Captain FondleMySweaters February 22, 2010
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Having undeveloped baby teeth with a 3 centimeter gap in between.
That hoe got Tappa Teeth.

Yea when she smokes she puts the joint in between her two front teeth.
by Ms. Maria October 05, 2015
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Tappa Cucca; the flappy part of the lower tummy that covers any visibility of the vagina (cucca)
Me and my best friend grind hard at the gym so we can get rid of our Tappa Cuccas!
by Eazie100 March 22, 2017
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