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“Shark” is a term that originated from poker. A shark is a term used to describe a player with a tight- aggressive play style. This means that they fold the majority of their hands, but when they do play a hand, they usually make big, well placed bets. Most sharks are very good players.
Just don’t play at Table 3. That old guy with the brown hair is a shark. You’re gonna lose your money.
by Csal May 05, 2011
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Unlike some of the retarded, sexually related definitions on UrbanDictionary, this is the real meaning. A sea animal completely misunderstood because of the terror that Jaws brought. When they attack you, it's mainly because they misinterpret you as a seal (their eyesight is poor), and they rarely kill anyone. Tigers and elephants kill 200 people a year...sharks: 7. Yet people continue to save up for "Save the Elephant/Tiger" funds.

Sharks are sometimes hunted with huge, 60 miles lines. They get caught in the liens and since they can't move their gills to breath, they suffocate. Dolphins/seals also get caught in these nets, and cannot resurface for air.

They're used for shark soup, which is thought to be good luck. Yet it causes bloodshed for sea creatures. Why would this be good luck..?
Instead of writing a retarded sexually related definition, I've decided to supply you with something you can actually use, since most people who write stupid things on UrbanDictionary are 12 year old virgins and will never get the chance to try out the sexual moves written on other definitions. ((Sharks))
by Perokitune February 18, 2011
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this is a move when you have your girl get on her knees doggystyle and you stand across the room naked. then you put your hands together above your head and mimic a shark, all the while your humming the JAWS theme song. you make your way across the room and when you get near her you hump her as hard as you can sending her head crashing into the wall.
Q: How did you get that bump on your head?
A: The boyfriend did the shark last night.
by Peter Johnson wang March 21, 2005
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often used in pool or billiards to describe a hustler or very talented player.
There are pool sharks in many Paul Newman movies.
by Jonathan February 17, 2004
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Man or woman who is very aggresive with a straight foward style attitude. Typically a man or woman with an Aggressive play style who lives independently, prefers to not to be around other people and straight forward,blunt,outspoken, little to no fears, protective of his or hers close friends and familly and has a colder heart
Damn Jon is a Shark , hes very dominant

Jessica does not follow other people she is a shark who protects her man
by FlNYYK June 02, 2018
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(n.) An older student of Oxford University who is known for preying on younger students, especially freshers, to fulfill his or her various sexual needs.
(v.) To shark: To attempt to pick up a younger student
(v.) To get sharked: To be picked up by an older student
Student one: Hey did you see Amy last night?
Student two: Yeah. What a shark! I saw her try to pick up three different younger guys.

Student one: Well, knowing her, I'm sure at least one of them got sharked.
by oxfordprey October 22, 2009
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