A Person Who Has Way To Much Fun, Does What They Want When They Want, And Has No Regards For Conciquences Or Who/What They May Harm
Randomly Runs Up To Someones Car And Kicks In All The Windows "Your Friend Looks At You Man Your Such A Tweeder"
by Travis Raymond September 11, 2007
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Cyclists or Bicyclists who dress primarily in Tweed clothing and ride in fun, social Tweed Rides.
Tweeders Unite! Another Tweed Ride is scheduled for Sunday.
by RidingPretty November 7, 2009
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A tweeder is defined as a pronounced sexual interest in the wearing of tweed or the integration of tweed in sexual acts.
I didn't realize how much of a tweeder my boyfriend was until he asked me to wear my new tweed coat to bed.

Did you see that guy following me around the Burberry store? He's such a tweeder!
by Lethia01 June 26, 2011
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a pale ranger faggot with no friends that uses face book to stalk people, delusional, doesnt get that the only reson girls talk to him is because the feel sorry for him and talks shit about peple they dont know and will most likely get there teeth kicked in.
jacob donlan is a tweeder
by dr chunky nuts October 17, 2010
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