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a situation where someone goes into hiding, most likely to a place where they can't be found or reached by anyone they know.
kinda like being on the run, but not necessarily to escape from the law. more like being in hiatus for a while to get away from stuff going on in your life or to clear your mind.
"I went incognito for about a month when I tripped down to Mexico to get away from that psycho-bitch ex-girlfriend of mine who I was convinced was stalking me for...well...about a month!"
by Bonzai November 07, 2005

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another way of saying "I've got you covered" or "I'm backing you up".

letting someone know that you'll be around to help out or protect them in any way you can.
"they don't know that this is a sting op and a major heat score is about to go down so you gotta keep your cool. don't worry G, we got your six."
by bonzai April 06, 2005

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a highly respected and revered individual; someone with status, a bmoc
"who's the swami of this establishment?"
by bonzai November 14, 2003

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short for "right on schedule"
"how are we doing for time? think we'll make our ETA?"

"yep, for sure....ROS baby!"
by Bonzai April 03, 2007

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enthusiastically ready for something, stoked
dude I am so primed for that babefest at Kristy's tonight!
by bonzai February 23, 2005

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1) conseqences

2) consensus, opinion
1) man, I bet theres gonna be some serious reverb for that shooting last night!

2)what's the reverb about the band?
by bonzai April 08, 2004

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describing a state of being high/intoxicated (usually from a "controlled" substance)
rufus said that he got majorly strato after smoking that killer weed
by bonzai March 25, 2004

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