22 definitions by bonzai

wild, crazy, insane, stupendous etc.
that pool party was a blast, especially after that band showed up and started playing. but then when these bunch of strippers came by, and were dancing up a storm with everyone (including other females!), the scene was all over the house!
by bonzai May 20, 2006
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"we made a pit stop to grab some munchies and gas, and STILL we made it there AOS!"
by bonzai April 3, 2007
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1 : the cavity of a tubular organ or part the lumen of a blood vessel
2 : the bore of a tube (as of a hollow needle or catheter)
3 : a unit of luminous flux equal to the light emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source of one candle intensity
The ReVolt is waterproof and rechargeable with a whopping 300 lumens at full power.
by bonzai April 29, 2018
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dude your new set of wheels is like totally awesome!

very neb-yoo-larr indeed!
by bonzai January 13, 2004
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1) conseqences

2) consensus, opinion
1) man, I bet theres gonna be some serious reverb for that shooting last night!

2)what's the reverb about the band?
by bonzai April 8, 2004
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enthusiastically ready for something, stoked
dude I am so primed for that babefest at Kristy's tonight!
by bonzai February 23, 2005
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The phenomenon of having something stuck to the upper part of the mouth, usually while eating peanut butter.
The peanut butter caused roofitation in my mouth and it was extremely annoying
by bonzai December 8, 2003
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