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wild, crazy, insane, stupendous etc.
that pool party was a blast, especially after that band showed up and started playing. but then when these bunch of strippers came by, and were dancing up a storm with everyone (including other females!), the scene was all over the house!
by Bonzai May 20, 2006
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The phenomenon of having something stuck to the upper part of the mouth, usually while eating peanut butter.
The peanut butter caused roofitation in my mouth and it was extremely annoying
by Bonzai December 8, 2003
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"you two are gonna make me wanna skive if you keep this up...you're practically having sex right here in the theater! I mean....get a room already!!"
by Bonzai October 27, 2006
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a combination of the words "normal" and "regular", mainly for emphasis.
"I dunno dude...not to be shitting you or nothin'...but you gotta admit most of those stunts at the last X-Games seemed pretty normular to me...I mean, even blindfolded and asleep, it would've been a cinch even for you! haha."
by Bonzai November 4, 2006
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any situation that is or can be messy, disasterous or dangerous.
"you better stay away from that Lisa chick. trust me dude, you don't wanna get caught up in that vortex."
by Bonzai March 4, 2005
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virgil still kept his coat rack even years after he left tennessee.
by Bonzai April 27, 2004
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to put down or undermine someone or their efforts, the opposite of "pump up"

also, to psych out somebody in a negative way
chump down:

"to hell with what they say man....don't ever let anyone chump you down, I know you can pull this off!"

"look man, I know I can chump this guy down...just give me a shot, I know I can get him to fess up!"

by Bonzai May 2, 2007
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